MassOS GNU/Linux

Screenshot of the MassOS desktop

About MassOS

MassOS is an independent GNU/Linux operating system built from scratch for laptops and desktops which is designed to be minimal and lightweight, without compromising on features.

MassOS offers a choice of two desktop environments - Xfce and GNOME. A summarised comparison of the two can be found here, and a visual comparison can be found on the screenshots page.

Unlike thousands of other distributions, MassOS is completely independent and not a derivative of any existing GNU/Linux distribution. This means it is free from being tied down to distributions outside of our control, and we don't have to rely on other distributions to provide updates.

With a 2 gigabyte USB flash drive, you can use the Live ISO to try out MassOS without making any changes to your computer, and see if it's right for you before you decide to fully install it onto your PC. If you do decide to install it, you can install it alongside your current operating system, or replace it entirely.